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Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
, paul ryan budget leader, expected to be added this weekend. if they can get to a deal, that would avoid another government shutdown january 15. it would likely be a small and -- smaller deal. it could be a small as $35 billion. it would head off another round of automatic such cuts known as the sequester. we have artie got some groups fighting this and that includes airlines and federal employees. it includes raising the fees by airline passengers. it also changes federal thatement programs contribute more. congressional leaders yesterday stressed a timeline. a self-imposed headline next week. cave -- gave us an update on where they were. i am hopeful they will be able to work this out. there is clearly no agreement. on ame is running out budget agreement. we understand negotiations are continuing, but we also understand there is no final deal. >> house speaker jon banner -- t present plan to keep >> thank you. megan hughes in washington. moving and shaking this hour, warren buffett, a new study says he is not just a great investor, but is the best. the study was published by the nation
Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
and they have seen shrinking cyst -- sales. >> this is a model. most of this criticism to paul ryan of wisconsin -- if you make a model, make it a model that can work out. we have not seen that. we have not seen the view forward on paper. of your favorite topics, bitcoin. matt miller is in the process of acquiring bitcoin at this very moment. matt, i want to see this going down. >> i'm a little concerned about having to hand someone $800 in actual money for one bitcoin. we will see how it works out. that may be enough money for a down payment or at least a and theon a fiat 500 italian company hopes to sell a lot more of those, especially in new york. they have a plan to go upscale, upmarket and bring the production for a lot of cars back to italy. in order to do that, he wants to sell more maseratis. he wants to sell more of those fiat 500s and he is going to bring all of the productions and to italy. it will put the luxury stamp. sell jeep grand cherokee's that are made in italy. this is a big $12 billion plan. he will invest 9 billion euros. 4c,s going to build the which he has totally redesig
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2